Monday, October 6, 2008

The Sad Lunatic Ravings of a Desperate Man

Wow. The McCain campaign is degenerating even more rapidly than we expected.

Read this account of a speech the old fart gave today.

These people are officially out of ideas. I know, I know. They never really had any in the first place. But now that the economy has spiraled out of control (a tragedy but, politically, a plus for Dems) and no one seems to give a rat's petoot about McC's war record or his "maverick" pick of that other "maverick", whose maverickiness seems to consist of not following that herd that, you know, knows stuff about stuff, these guys are left with ad hominem attacks on Obama.

What's really sad about this is how baldly it smacks of desperation. McCain, who used to be civil and respectable, has become an old-fashioned Washington mudslinger. It doesn't suit him. It made him look bad in the first debate and it's making him look bad now.

What's that, John? Obama's inexperienced? Is that supposed to be news? What's that? He hangs out with terrorists? We went over this in the primary. It didn't fly then. How the hell is it supposed to fly now?

And get a load of this.

“Senator Obama has accused me of opposing regulation to avert this crisis,’’ he said. “I guess he believes if a lie is big enough and repeated often enough it will be believed."

This is classic projection. Does he even know how hypocritical this sounds? Case in point: he goes on to say this.

“Today the Dow has fallen below 10,000,’’ he said. “And yet, members of his own party said they felt no pressure to vote for the bill. Why didn’t Senator Obama work to pass this bill from the start? Why did he let it fail and drag out this crisis for a full week before doing a thing to help pass it?’’

Wow, do I even have to point out whose party stonewalled this thing and who couldn't get them to pass it for the life of him? And his pledge not to debate or campaign until there was a resolution? Remember that?

McCain has jumped the shark. This is entirely unpresidential behavior. And it's only going to hurt him. His only hope is that this deflects attention from any actual issues. Because he's getting his ass whooped on substance.


Kizz said...

As you know I certainly hope you are right but his supporters don't seem deterred. I just read a post by someone who is putting her foot down and not watching SNL anymore because it's just too, too biased against the Republican ticket.

I would like points for not commenting, "Comedy. Fucking. Goldmine."

Mrs. Chili said...

Do you know anything about this?

MAB said...

Mrs. C,

Yeah, it's degenerated to a really horrible point in the last two days particularly. The candidates, such as they are, use some thinly coded language (Obama's middle name, he "doesn't think like us") and the crowd, already angry because they're losing, takes it from there.

I have no doubt that Steve Schmidt is placing ringers in the crowd to incite them further.

MAB said...

MSNBC just showed the clips of "Terrorist!" and "Treason!" at the McCain and Palin rallies, respectively. I think you'll be seeing more of it.