Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Big Fat Chunk of Dishonesty

Bill O'Reilly may be the most clueless (or dishonest; it has to be at least one) person ever to have a television show that human beings watch. And I'm only assuming that they're human. Here's Bill's expert breakdown of the current electoral landscape.

Crikey! Obama's behind! How could such a thing happen?

Wait. Here's a map from Slate based on data taken from Pollster, which aggregates data from several polling sources.

Hmm, bit of a discrepancy there. Here are some numbers from some of Bill's "tossup" states.
  • Pennsylvania: Obama 52%, McCain 41.3%
  • Oregon: Obama 54%, McCain 39.4%
  • Iowa: Obama 53%, McCain 41.3%
  • Michigan: Obama 54%, McCain 38.1%
Wow, only 16 points. That one's a tossup, all right.

And here are some numbers from some of McCain's "safe" states in O'Reilly World.
  • North Carolina: Obama 48.8%, McCain 46.9%
  • North Dakota: Obama 44.9%, McCain 41.3%
Georgia, Montana and Indiana are all in play but McCain is ahead so those are really only a mild stretch for Bill. But Obama is actually leading in two other states that O'Reilly has already awarded to McCain. They're not even tossups for Bill! From where is Bill getting his numbers? From the same place his head is.

[Wait for it.]

His ass!

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