Thursday, October 30, 2008


So here's a picture I found in, of all places, ESPN's website. In a basketball preview, no less. [Insert your own basketball joke here.]

Apparently, this is an actress on AMC's well-regarded series "Mad Men", which I have never seen. Although I'm now one step closer to putting it in the ol' Netflix queue.

I was struck by the link above the picture that says "Enlarge".

My question, and I think it's an obvious one: Aren't they large enough already?


Kizz said...

Any larger and she risks becoming part of the game.

Ali said...

Mad Men is a fantastic show, and I recommend you put it to the top of your Netflix queue post-haste.

The other show where you can see Christina Hendricks and her, uh, talent(s) is as a guest star (2 episodes) on the amazingly excellent Firefly, which if you haven't seen already, I recommend -- nay, entreat! -- you to put at the VERY top of your Netflix queue.

Kizz said...

She is quite good in Firefly, which I also recommend and love, but I don't remember her er, assets being quite so, um....prominent back then.