Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Huntin' and Fashion

Remember when... ("remember when": a recurring theme here) Remember when Al Gore was being ridiculed by Republicans for paying a consultant to suggest he wear earth tones? It was about $10K, as I recall. And remember John Edwards' haircuts? Important issues, they.

Guess how much the Republican National Committee has paid (so far) to clothe Sarah Palin?

$150,000. Plus almost $5,000 for hair and makeup through September alone.

"I like her. She's just like me!"

Because you just spent $75K at Neiman Marcus. We all do.


Kizz said...

$5,000 for one month! That's an entire McCain health care tax credit! :)

Mrs. Chili said...

I'm such a Yankee; I'm complaining that I have to pay 25 bucks for a haircut every quarter...

Jules said...

C'mon, don't you guys know that it costs a lot of money to look like Joe the plumber?