Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This Is Why They Don't Let Her Speak to the Media

Sunday morning. A time to sleep late, read the newspaper and enjoy some politicians making the rounds of the Sunday "news" programs. Here's what we had this week:
  • ABC's "This Week" - Barack Obama
  • NBC's "Meet the Press" - Joe Biden
  • CBS's "Face the Nation" - John McCain
Notice anything missing? Me too. They didn't even let her speak to Fox, for crying out loud. Undoubtedly the Kaplan SAT test prep people are currently cramming her head with bits of information that she can spew out to make it sound like she's reasonably knowledgeable. Until then, no dice.

So for now she only gets to speak in controlled environments, with no threat of some pesky invasive journalist asking her an actual question. Apparently, this isn't enough. In front of a campaign crowd in Colorado Springs, she said this about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: "[They have] gotten too big and too expensive for the taxpayers."

Yeah! You tell 'em, Sarah. But wait. Aren't Fannie and Freddie private enterprises? Here's how much they cost American taxpayers: $0.00. Nothing. That's in the past, of course. The bailout that we're about to embark on is going to cost us quite a bit. A little bit of the evil regulation that the Repubs despise so much may have spared us the cost and effort.

This woman does not know what she's talking about. And I'm certain that her cluelessness is not restricted to matters economic. Of course, neither was GWB's 8 years ago. And that didn't stop us from giving him enough votes to allow the Supreme Court to hand him the presidency. I'd like to have faith that we won't get fooled again. But I don't.


Julia said...

Methinks she another Dan Quayle in a prettier package. Some people, however, are actually impressed by her so that makes her more dangerous than Mr. "Potatoe" Head.

Mrs. Chili said...

I don't, either, and that scares me.