Friday, September 19, 2008

Subpoenas! Huh! What Are They Good For?

You know the answer.

Okay, I'll say it. Absolutely NOTHIN'! (Say it again.)

So here we have Alaska First Dude Todd Palin deciding that, oh, he doesn't feel like answering a legislative subpoena. Why? He doesn't feel like the investigation is "legitimate". Oh. Well, I'll remember that the next time I'm subpoenaed.

This is a power that I didn't realize private citizens had. Don't like what authorities are doing? Just tell 'em it's not legitimate. The next time I get arrested I'll just tell the cops that. Then I'll go off and enjoy all of that nice liquor that I got from knocking over Sully's Package Store in my jacked Ford Explorer. After I wipe the blood off of my baseball bat. Hey, it's my choice as to which statutes can be enforced on me. I know what's legitimate and what isn't.

Of course, the gov herself has ordered the other dozen folks from her administration not to comply with subpoenas too. Just last month these people had nothing to hide and said they'd comply fully. Now? Well, the McCain campaign's lawyers dropped in. Including one whose job is to prosecute terrorists. At least it was until he picked up the far more important task of stonewalling an investigation into abuse of power in order to make sure that the truth doesn't come out until at least some time after November 4th.

If you or I just decided to ignore a subpoena, guess where we'd be now. Here's a hint. Is Karl Rove there? Is Harriet Miers there? Is Joshua Bolten there? Will Todd Palin go there? Guess.

Every day more stuff comes out about Palin and her retinue that show her to be even more Bush-like than McCain. Abuse of power. Cronyism. Secrecy, including using private e-mail addresses for official business. Incuriousness and gut calls rather than sound analysis. Religious fundamentalism. Suppression of dissent. Ignoring science. Loyalty (way) before competence. Now ignoring subpoenas. Sound familiar, anyone?

Read this (I'm not asking; I'm telling. Read it!) and tell me if she sounds like an "outsider" who's going to change Washington or if we're watching history repeat itself. The similarities are stunning.

Remember when the Republicans were the Rule of Law party? Nah. That's for suckers. Got a problem with us? Whaddaya gonna do about it? Nothing? Thought so. Now watch this drive.


Kizz said...

I've been reading about the history of Mormonism lately and there are an alarming number of private citizens who do things like not answering subpoenas and not paying taxes and you know marrying tweens, lots of them all at once.

MAB said...

Yep. The point here is that laws are not self-enforcing. As they say, "It ain't illegal if you don't get caught." But you can get caught and still face no consequences as long as those in charge don't do anything. It's harder to do so when religious beliefs are involved because people can claim discrimination or persecution and sometimes it's just not worth the effort.

Karl Rove et al have just given congress the finger and dared them to do something about it. Of course, those subpoenas would have to be enforced by, yeah, the Bush Justice Department. The only alternative would be to have congress' sergeant-at-arms actually lock him up. Good luck with the political shitstorm that would create.

T. Palin and the gang are in the same situation. The people who would need to enforce the subpoenas are Palin appointees.

The #1 lesson of the last 8 years is that you can break the law all you want if you know that nobody is going to do anything about it. And Palin shares this philosophy to the letter.

Mrs. Chili said...

There is SO much about this election that scares the ever loving shit out of me, and the way that the current administration (the the potential next one) plays fast and loose with the law is one of the biggest nightmare-inducers. Did you see how the current VP is trying to argue that his office is exempt from the Presidential Records Act because, according to his chief of staff, "the vice president belongs to neither the executive nor legislative branch of government." "Instead," he said, "the office is attached by the Constitution to Congress. The vice president presides over the Senate."

Assholes. Can we PLEASE NOT have more of the same?