Tuesday, September 2, 2008

She's Pro-Life

Here's a photo of VP candidate Sarah Palin displaying her firmly pro-life credentials.

She is setting a fine example for her daughter by lecturing this presumably pro-choice caribou on the evils of killing innocent life.

Just kidding! Yeah, she murdered this formerly sentient being with a rifle. We're all real proud.


Kizz said...

This is sort of off topic but I wondered if you knew something about it. Were there any arrests made of protesters during the DNC? If so what were the reasons for the arrests as compared to the ones that are happening at the RNC?

Mrs. Chili said...

Here's what I wonder - will there be any fallout from the "family values" crazies about a) the fact that she's got an unwed teen mother for a daughter b) she's going to be spending significant time away from her challenged infant to take over the work of getting elected? Does any of this seem incongruous to anyone but me?

MAB said...

I'll be posting on the despicable police state in St. Paul soon. It's truly horrifying.

The "family values" people are praising Palin for supporting her daughter's decision not to abort the fetus. And saying that this incident just humanizes her more. They're having a great time trying to spin this into something positive.

Did I mention she's a strong supporter of abstinence-only education? That's working out well for her.

Kizz said...

I was reading somewhere her comments...no McCain's comments from the last time he ran. When asked about what would happen if his daughter became pregnant he said that they would sit down as a family and make a decision. When asked if this made him pro-choice he said no, it would be a family decision. ??????

The writer went on to note that the Palins (what the hell are they doing this to their kid for?) said something similar and that both incidents sure made it sound like that ticket thinks their families deserve a choice but nobody else's do. Sounds that way to me anyway.

Anonymous said...

She probably figures she may as well kill the deer with her own hands because supporting oil drilling in the ANWR will do the job eventually. Feh.

I have absolutely no respect for a woman who returns to work 3 days after giving birth, jeopardizes the life of the baby by flying to a backwoods clinic while leaking amniotic fluid for an entire day, kills wild animals, subjects her teenage daughter to massive public scrutiny during the most difficult time of her young life, and claims that she will help women by being the VP. Yuck.