Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's an Insult to Pigs, Really

Hooray! Another idiotic diversion.

So Obama uses a common figure of speech to describe McCain's attempts at spinning the same old stuff as "change" and, of course, the McCain camp howls with (entirely fake) outrage.

Has anyone here really never heard or used the phrase "putting lipstick on a pig"? The McCainiacs and the Palinsane will scream that this was directed at her. Well, let's just assume for a second that it was. It's pretty tame when compared to some of the crap that they've been spewing abut Obama. Get over it. Even if he was callng Palin a pig, which he wasn't, I'd have him apologize to pigs, who are smart, clean and friendly animals.

But stop for a second and actually consider the analogy. The pig in this case is not Palin but McCain or, perhaps, the last eight years. Palin herself is the lipstick, not the pig. It makes perfect sense, really. She defines herself by her lipstick. And that lipstick is being applied to the pig that is the McCain campaign. It's actually an accurate, almost perfect analogy given a clever twist.

But we'll have to listen to them hemming and hawing about how he owes Palin an apology. And we'll spend another week not talking about the abysmal Bush administration record and how McCain's plans for "change" are purely cosmetic.

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Mrs. Chili said...

Really, I had all I could do to get through a half hour of CNN Headline News at lunch today. Are they frikin' KIDDING?! THIS is what's newsworthy today?

And we wonder why we're in this handbasket.