Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Specter of Pennsylvania

Holy crap! Arlen Specter is jumping off the Republicans' sinking ship and joining the Donkeys.

For a while now, Specter has been one of those on-the-fence types of guys that can occasionally be counted on to weigh reason and Republican talking points and come down on the side of reason. Not always, but enough of the time so that he and the two Distinguished Ladies of Maine are the ones with the fullest voice mail inboxes in Washington. Not much point in trying to get James Inhofe to talk about anything. Those three? They're swayable.

Of course, Specter is looking ahead to the next election, in which he was looking like lunchmeat to the Republican Party as they tried to run a right-wing challenger in the primary. So his stated reasons for switching were probably secondary, even if valid. But take it where you find it.

The downside to this? Norm Coleman and his crew are going to fight even harder to delay seating Senator Al Franken. Oy.

The other downside? He just went from being a moderate Republican to being a conservative Democrat. Do we really need another Joe Lieberman to gum up the works? Eh, it beats having another James Inhofe. But it does prevent a more liberal Democrat from maybe unseating him next year. Oh well. We'll take the vote now, thank you.

Welcome aboard, Senator. Please enjoy your stay.

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Mrs. Chili said...

I literally dropped my jaw when I heard this. It was NOT news I was even remotely considering.

He gives the Dems a filibuster-proof majority, though, and that's sumpthin'