Thursday, April 23, 2009

The NHL Goes All to Hell

Now they've really done it.

The Pittsburgh Penguins, in their insane lust for power, have made a bargain with... ooh, I can't say it.

It all seemed so normal at

Celtics looking old and glum. The usual hirings, firings and trades. But wait, what's this in the Headlines section?

Pens turn to whom? SATAN? Oh no. For shame, Pittsburgh. Is winning really worth your immortal soul?

Okay, okay, I'm probably only about the eight gazillionth person to make fun of this guy's name. Even Yahoo Sports thinks it's funny. Don't believe me? Check out the URL to his profile there. And it's pronounced shuh-TAHN. I guarantee you he will never play for the Devils. That would be just too too much.

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Kizz said...

The thing is, he gets things done so the pronunciation is secondary. We all know who he really is.