Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Deviation from the Norm

For the love of the flying spaghetti monster, will someone please make Norm Coleman go away already?

Look, in a race this close, it's really impossible to tell who actually won. The margin of error --due to many factors including poorly designed or completed ballots, voter disenfranchisement, clerical errors, etc. -- is higher than the vote differential. It's possible that Coleman won. It's possible that Franken won. But what we really have here is a tie. Of course, someone has to win. And, based on the rules of the State of Minnesota, Franken is the winner.

Remember back on election night when Coleman had a teeny-weeny lead and he declared victory and said Franken should just accept the results? Remember that? Nope. Much more important now to point out the glaring deficiencies in the process that led to the heinous disenfranchisement of Minnesota's voters.

Coleman is technically within his rights to keep pursuing this. But it's pretty obvious at this point that there isn't a case here. He actually lost votes in this last challenge, for crying out loud. Everything was conducted as fairly as possible by all accounts. No one is making accusations of fraud or inconsistency.

Let's be honest. This isn't about trying to get Coleman seated. (Although they'd like that.) All it's about at this point is delaying the day when the Democrats have one more vote in the Senate. Every day they delay Senator Franken being sworn in is a small victory for the Republican'ts.

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