Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Republican Party: Torture or Get Lost

This is awesome. Professional blowhard Rush Limbaugh rarely lets any real debate happen on his program. It's refreshing when one of his listeners squeaks through his call screeners and actually challenges him.

The caller in this clip is a right-leaning, Republican McCain voter who just happens to think that torture is wrong. Oh no! Rush has no idea what to do with the guy. So he calls him names. If, as Olbermann says in the post-video commentary, the litmus test for what makes a good Republican is support for torture then these guys are going to have a long stretch of time in the minority.

How sad is it that we're even debating torture in this country?

Almost everything Limbaugh throws at the listener would apply directly to himself. "You're embarrassing and ludicrous." Project much?

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