Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Hunker for the Bunker

Holy crap, this is hilarious.

When Stephen Colbert spun himself off of "The Daily Show", I was dubious. The show seemed unnecessary. And difficult to pull off. Jon Stewart can smirk at the news for a half-hour because he's Jon Stewart. But Colbert was playing a character. One who presumably does not believe the same things the "real" Stephen Colbert does.

It was a shaky start. I was unimpressed for the first few weeks, in which I often hung around only out of inertia after enjoying TDS. But after a month or so, they figured this thing out. The show is, in some ways, even better than its predecessor. My hat is now way off to Mr. Colbert, who may be this country's best political satirist.

Here's a great bit that he did recently lampooning Fox News wackadoo Glenn Beck. (It was also linked on Salon's War Room, which is the place from whence I nicked it.) I had a difficult time stifling my laughter while watching this at work.

The second one is the really funny one, but you need to watch the first one to get the context. Unless you're a fan of Glenn Beck. In which case, what the hell are you doing here?

(I was trying to embed these, but I was getting some errors, so you'll have to follow the links. Or just go to Salon and watch them.)

The First One

The Second One

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