Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bill and Hill Shill

Somebody's ass has some party unity.

It was refreshing, even exhilarating, to see both Clintons go to bat for Barack Obama the way they did. The chattering classes, of course, yakked beforehand about how they were taking over what should have been Obama's convention. Nonsense. They're party bigwigs and they had business to take care of. Obama bats cleanup here. And he speaks in the big house. It's still his convention.

You really couldn't have asked the Clintons to do more than they did. There wasn't a shred of ambiguity in their endorsements. Whether the PUMAs listen to them is another story. But if they don't, you certainly can't blame these two. That may have been the primary purpose of their speeches (CYA) but it would be nice to think that they did the right thing because it was the right thing for their party and their country and not just the right thing for them.

The speeches themselves were knockouts. I actually kind of like Hillary again, after having a lingering filthy taste in my mouth from her primary shenanigans. I know what primaries are about. I know that when your policies are that similar, you kinda have to get somewhat personal to make distinctions. Obama did the same thing, although he wasn't as damaging about it. ("You're likable enough, Hillary" is not anywhere near as bad as "He's not ready to lead.") But I think they all could have spent more time fighting the real enemy rather than sullying each other and giving the GOP more ammo to use against them later.

But, just as the New Testament (love, baby, love) is supposed to make you forget the Old Testament (kill, baby, kill), Hillary made it as clear as she possibly could that the past was past and Barack was the future. At least the immediate future. And we're all real proud of her. Not just because she did the right thing. But because she did it so incredibly well. The lady's got chops. Brava, Senator.

As for Hillary's future, can you say Attorney General Clinton? Maybe Supreme Court Justice Clinton? I'll bet she can.


Kizz said...

Oh man, I hadn't even considered Supreme Court Justice. I would love to have her in there for life. Is that even a possibility? Won't the Whitewater thing derail her in hearings?

MAB said...

They spent seven years investigating Whitewater and all they found was a blowjob. Which she wasn't involved in. You can count on her name being on the short list for the first vacancy.