Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sounds Familiar...

I'm a person that values consistency. Not routine, but consistency. That is, if you spell it "theater" you can't then decide it's "theatre" later on in your piece. If you use an honorific for Mr. Spanky McSchmanky, you can't decide it's optional for Joe Schmo. (That's Mr. Schmo to you.) I probably should have been a copy editor.

Nevertheless, I find the Prez's (I mean, Mr. Obama's) op-ed piece in the WaPo rather amusing. Not for its content though.

In the spot at the end of the column, wherein one usually reads something on the lines of "Dan Shaughnessy is a regular contributor to the Boston Globe sports section" or "Suzanne Vega is a singer-songwriter based in New York City", we read the following.

The writer is president of the United States.

In case ya didn't know. Love it.

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