Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dumb Letters: PC Liberal Illogical Unreasonable Ignorant Socialists Destroy America

I get the feeling there are going to be a lot of Dumb Letters in the near future.

This one is from the Los Angeles Times. I'm going to have to take this one bit-by-bit. You'd choke if you read it all at once.

I am in mourning this morning because political correctness, redemptive liberalism and youthful ignorance triumphed over logic and reason in the presidential election.

Ha! Political correctness! Redemptive liberalism! Youthful ignorance! Logic! Reason! Oh my. This is the type of racism that gets published in papers. If you don't like a black person's success, chalk it up to PC liberals. Dude, the guy won because he was logical and rational. Oh, I almost forgot... Mourning! Ha!

Let's be honest. Obama, with virtually no experience and no record of legislative accomplishment, was elected only because he is black and liberal.

Let's be honest. Your letter was only published by this paper to show what an ignoramus you are. I could give other reasons why people voted for him, but why bother. Remember that last line.

Any white candidate with a resume as thin as his and similar ideas about redistribution of wealth would have been laughed off the stage, no matter how well-spoken he was.
Take away the "redistribution" line and you've got pretty much what happened to Sarah Palin. So maybe the ideas are okay with us and we, I don't know, admire intelligence.

Likewise, most of the people who voted for Obama would never vote for a black conservative candidate, no matter how experienced and qualified he was.

Wait, I thought we voted for him because he was black. If that's the case, why wouldn't we vote for a black conservative? Make up your mind, dude. And hey, if most of the people who voted for him wouldn't vote for a black conservative, doesn't that mean that most of this country is actually >shudder!< LIBERAL? Enjoy your irrelevance.

Obama's policies, all of which have been tried before and failed, are not new and do not represent change, but rather they are a naive vision of how he believes things should be, instead of how things really are and have been proved to work best.

Uh, we did "try" them before. It was Bush who moved us away from them. They worked just fine in Bill Clinton's presidency and in the many before that that "tried" a top marginal tax rate of the one proposed by Obama and much much higher in some cases. How was that economy in the 90s again? And how is it now? Working best, is it? And here's one of Obama's policies that we've never tried before: energy independence and economic growth through investment in alternative fuel sources and technologies.

I am hopeful that his political pragmatism will keep his socialist ideas in check and prevent harm to our country.

James B. Davis
Beverly Hills

Do we have to disprove the whole "socialist" meme any more? I'm sick of it. But I'm more sick of idiots like this. Get over it, dude.


Kizz said...

I went to the doctor yesterday and my BP was like perfect, maybe 112/65 I think. That's pretty good, right? Just reading this letter I think I doubled those figures.

Mrs. Chili said...

THIS is a fun feature.

I'm getting ready to start persuasive writing in my composition classes at Local U. Maybe I should give them some dumb letters and have them dissect them, huh?

MAB said...

Sure, Mrs. C. That's kinda the idea behind Dumb Letters. It's not just that I disagree with them, it's that they're logically unpersuasive in some way. Or just plain dumb.

Anonymous said...
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