Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dumb Letters: Freedom of the Press

From the Chicago Tribune:

I am not a Republican or a Democrat; for each election, I do the research and try to vote for the most qualified candidates. I do not remember any election like this one; not only have the mainstream media (and I mean all of them—print, broadcast and digital) all but ignored every presidential candidate other than John McCain and Barack Obama, but I am disgusted by the selective reporting and spin favoring Obama.

That is not freedom of the press as America's founding fathers envisioned it.

—D. Kuite, Winfield

I'm thinking it's exactly the freedom of the press the founding fathers envisioned. If you think that the press is biased, it's showing that you're thinking skeptically about the content you're being delivered. That's fine. Good for you. But if you think that their perceived bias is a violation of the constitution, nuh-uh.

The press has the freedom to be biased. In any way it likes. Should we call the government and ask them to make the media slant a little more in our favorite direction? Good luck with that. It's unconstitutional. That's how they do things in China.

Don't like it? Get your own press.

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Mrs. Chili said...

Don't you just love shit like this? Seriously; this is comedic GOLD.