Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dumb Letters: The Gay Agenda

Okay, here's one from today's Boston Globe.

ENOUGH ALREADY with the Globe's gay agenda. How many front-page stories do we have to see to know that your agenda is to promote the gay/lesbian lifestyle? The July 21 article "Bloom's off the brick row house: Buyers picking modern high-rise over classic style" could and should have been written from the heterosexual perspective. What you're writing about is not a gay issue, it's a human issue, and casting the story in a manner to feature gays is inappropriate. It's time to straighten out, and I mean that in all senses of the word.


Wow, says I. That must be some article. I'd better follow the link to see all the salacious homosexual details. Go ahead, follow the link and see for yourself. I'll wait.

Okay, you don't have to. Here is the only (and I mean it, ONLY) mention of anything vaguely homosexual in the article.

"In June, Moore, a computer programmer, and his partner, Michael Olinger, a flight attendant, purchased a one-bedroom in a new midrise building..."

That's it. This is a 1,143-word article about the modern real estate market in Boston. All it says it that he has a partner who happens to be male. Actually, it doesn't even say he's male. There are female Michaels. At least two. And anyway, the article doesn't call attention to this. It doesn't "promote" anything. It doesn't say "his very homosexual partner, Michael Olinger, who is just FAB-ulous and can be seen daily in the window of their new apartment singing show tunes and reaming Mr. Moore up the butt in full view of all the impressionable children in the neighborhood (a practice that the Globe heartily endorses, by the way)..."

No, Mr. Einreinhofer feels that this article about real estate should have been written from a "heterosexual perspective". Because the first thing I think about when shopping for an apartment is just how amenable the new apartment is to all of the heterosexual sex I'll be having. And that's what the Globe's readership wants to know about too.

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Kizz said...

Since you are in the market for a new home I guess that's another thing to put on the list of considerations. "Hmmm, where will we screw in the lag bolts?..."