Friday, October 8, 2010

Free Mountain Dew for Everyone!

Really? This is a controversy? People are actually up in arms about restricting food stamps so they can't be used to buy soda? Oh no! They're "playing God"!

This is the kind of crap that gives welfare a bad name.

People, listen. It is not "playing God" to say that government money that is given to people to keep children from starving should actually be used to keep children from starving and not just loading them with sugar and empty calories.

Holy crap. Not a controversy. Really. Not a controversy. Thanks, ABC News, for pretending it is.


Shannon Wagner said...

Thanks for posting this - I'm going to use my food stamps to send a letter to ABC! ;-)

By the way, I hesitated before adding that closing emoticon. But I've begun to notice that folks don't always parse text as sarcasm unless it is tagged with an emoticon. I wonder if Mark Twain had this problem.. :-(

MAB said...

What I hate about this is I'm a really really liberal guy. I think a social safety net is an vital thing in a free society. When "controversies" like this flare up (and news organizations show clips of people who aren't white defending their use of taxpayer money to buy soda) it just gives the right more ammo to cut the programs. People need to be sensible about these programs and understand what they're for.