Friday, September 4, 2009

Really? THIS Is Something to Be Upset About?

It's hard to imagine people in this country getting any more petty and stupid. Congratulations, America. You've done it again.

The latest manufactured outrage? The President of the United States is going to make a speech to school children. Oh no! He's the first to ever do this! He's going to idoctrinate our children with all of his socialist propaganda!

Seriously, people. Do you have any idea how stupid this makes you look? He's talking to your children about staying in school and your response is to take them out of school. The gentleman (and I use that term quite loosely) who thinks that "values" should be taught by parents, and this is why he's keeping his kids home, may want to think about the fact that he sends his kids to school every other day to be taught by people who presumably are not him. Better start keeping them home every day, dad. They're getting indoctrinated.

So lots of kids will fall a day behind in their studies because their parents don't want them to hear ten minutes of boilerplate stay-in-school, which they won't listen to anyway, from a man with whom they disagree on a number of completely unrelated issues.

It doesn't matter what Obama talks about. Apparently, he'll be using his hypnotic powers to promote gay marriage and universal health care without our poor children even knowing about it. Obama will say "Stay in school, kids!" but they'll come home saying "The workers control the means of production!"

As much as I hate to fall back on this argument, I'm sure that the simple truth is that many parents don't want their children taking advice from a black man. We've come a short way, baby.


Mrs. Chili said...


My theory is this; they don't want their kids to hear Obama because the parents, who've been indoctrinating them against the Evil Socialist, are afraid the kids will see this perfectly reasonable and personable man give them good advice and start questioning what, exactly, their parents are so afraid of.

MAB said...

I totally agree with that theory. Spot on. Those who aren't simply racist (and maybe some who are) can't abide their kids seeing someone so non-threatening telling them something so non-controversial.

It relates to the manufactured outrage over "government-run" health care. The right's fear isn't that it will be a colossal failure but that it will actually work. If people get a chance to see that it's no big deal and that it's (shudder) maybe even a good thing, then they have no legs to stand on.

Kizz said...

Apparently they released the text of the speech today, presumably to disprove all the crazy. I read it and I'll admit it is actually the tiniest bit creepy. He keeps talking about "letting your country down" in a weird way. All in all, though, not indoctrinating. I only wish that when some asswipe convinced GHW Bush to come speak at my commencement that someone had been this outraged and pulled me from the event.