Friday, January 30, 2009

Broccoli Sex

Have you seen this one? It's PETA trying to sell you on how hot it is to be a vegetarian. You won't be seeing it during the Super Bowl. Apparently it's too racy. I bet you'll be seeing plenty of ads for erectile dysfunction drugs though. Oh, and plenty of beer ads with the exact same women as this. Maybe it was actually too tasteful.

Now I'm a vegetarian myself. Vegan, even. One level of lunacy beyond. I can only speak for myself. And I'm here to tell ya that it ain't really all that different. I do feel 100% better since dropping meat and dairy. (Much more so after dairy than I did with meat.) But the hot girl-type action? No discernible change.

The folks at Slate have some actual scientific debunking over here. It may actually make sex worse. I highly doubt that the fine ladies in the PETA ad were going to convince the Bud Light and Chili's crowd to give up the ribs anyway.


Mrs. Chili said...

Two things:

One: in the interest of fairness, I've gotta call the PETA people out for being FUCKING CRAZY. Sea kittens?! Human milk in Ben and Jerry's?! I've been embroiled in a lot of guff lately about my willingness to bitch about crazy righties, but seriously? Even Coulter's got NUTHIN' on PETA.

Two; when I saw you talking about "Chili's crowd" not giving up the ribs, I have to admit that I thought you were talking about me....

Kizz said...

I thought he was talking about you too. Very good that I scrolled over the link before commenting.

What's interesting about PETA is that they're all about saving the animals and they're willing to set feminism back a few thousand years to do it, every time. Race relations, too!

MAB said...

Okay, I agree that PETA is seriously looney tunes, but comparing ANYONE to Ann Coulter is way below the belt.